Meet the Labrador retriever from Texas that's living its best life.

At 10 years old, Maizey is not content with regular dog activities like napping and playing fetch. Thankfully, its owner, Kathryn Ryckman, from Boerne, also owns a horse, Bailey. This is where the magic happens.

Kathryn uploaded a video of Maizey riding Bailey like a human being would do on Youtube, and it's quite a satisfying watch. The video has gathered 26,713 views at time of writing.

Maizey rides Bauley Youtube/Kathryn Ryckman

In the video, Maizey uses her mouth to hold on tight to Bailey's reigns while the horse happily dashes off a field. Everything, from Maizey's little ride coat to Bailey's tranquil manner, is perfect.

Kathryn had previously uploaded footage of Maizey walking Bailey to the video-sharing platform. You can see the two unlikely pals joyfully strolling on a patch of grass. Now that's an unexpected pack.

Youtube/Kathryn Ryckman

Maizey and Kathryn are an impressive example of dog domestication.

A study published today in the journal Nature Communications argues that dogs were domesticated 20,000 to 40,000 years ago in Europe.

The scientists sequenced the genomes of two dogs whose remains were discovered in Germany – one from the Early Neolithic (7,000 years old) and one from the End Neolithic (4,700 years old).

They then compared this remains' sequences to 5,649 modern breeds. It allowed them to create an evolutionary tree to understand the relationship between "ancient" and "modern" dogs.

Thanks to an event that occurred thousands of years ago, we can now enjoy watching Maizey having a ball riding's Bailey's back.