The Strain Finale
The Strain Finale episode airs today FX

FX 's thriller show The Strain season 1 finale episode airs today, Sunday 5 October, at 10pm.

The 13th episode is titled, The Master, and it will reveal whether Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll) and Nora Martinez (Mia Maestro) will defeat The Master or not.

The official synopsis reads:

Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll) and Vasiliy Fet (Kevin Durand) recon for an all-out assault that Setrakian assures them will finally kill the Master. Augustin 'Gus' (Miguel Gómez) aligns himself with a strange new force, one that may swing the fight in an unforeseen direction.

In the season finale teasers, we see Vasiliy Fet and Eph stumble on the Master's coffin. They know the Master is around lurking somewhere, but it looks like Nora found him first. Will Eph rescue Nora in time, or will she become another causality?

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The Strain is based on a trilogy of novels by filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro dished a few more details on the Master character.

"He's gone through serving an emperor in Rome. He was in the Crusades," the writer-director said. "He is incredibly intelligent, politically very savvy, but at the same time ruthless. He doesn't care about humans."