"Stranger Things" Season 4 begins production in a prison set up to tie up with the story teased in the Season 3 end-credits scene.

According to Netflix Life, filming has already started in Lithuania, which fans of HBO's "Chernobyl" series may be familiar with. The "Chernobyl" filming location will reportedly double as the Russian prison shown in "Stranger Things" Season 3, where an unknown American man is being held captive.

From Lithuania, production will resume in Atlanta, Georgia in March. The showrunners have yet to officially announce the filming locations. Recent casting calls for background actors for "Stranger Things" Season 4 in Atlanta already confirmed the production venue. Rumour has it that filming in Atlanta will start on March 12.

The cast, writers, and creators of the Netflix series have yet to officially confirm the start of filming. They did so with Season 3 when they shared a photo of their first table read. Fans can probably expect the same with the upcoming season.

Regardless, news of the start of production coincides with what the cast previously confirmed in past interviews. Finn Wolfhard, who reprises the role of Mike Wheeler, said filming will begin "in a month" during an interview in late January. Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, merely said "soon" when a fan asked.

Likewise, the change of initial venue from Atlanta to Lithuania confirms that "we're not in Hawkins anymore." Fans believe that the story for "Stranger Things" Season 4 will open at the Russian prison where it would reveal the identity of the mysterious American captive and answer questions if Chief Hopper (David Harbour) is really dead or still alive. Fans are still keeping their fingers crossed that he survived the explosion at the Star Court Mall, and was taken prisoner by the Russian soldiers. This would explain why his corpse was not found near or around the blast site.

Filming for "Stranger Things" Season 4 is expected to end in August in Atlanta. According to TV Line, the installment will be an episode longer than Season 3. It will have nine episodes instead of the initial planned eight. It is meatier than the past seasons because a fan-favorite character's origin story will reportedly be told in one or more of the episodes.

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