Production for "Stranger Things" Season 4 is moving to New Mexico from Atlanta, Georgia. The crew is setting up shop at Netflix's Albuquerque Studios.

Netflix VP of Physical Production Patty Whitcher and VP of Production for Netflix Original Series Momita SenGupta confirmed during Deadline's "Hot Spots: New Mexico" conference that the show will film a great chunk of Season 4 in New Mexico. The move is a given, considering how the series is getting bigger in terms of storytelling.

"Season 4 is bigger, bolder and more intricate than ever. So this is the first time the show will be traveling beyond Atlanta," SenGupta told conference moderator Mike Fleming.

There is no telling what the cast and crew of "Stranger Things" Season 4 will film in New Mexico. SenGupta refused to reveal details and dodged questions that would reveal any kind of spoilers. Instead, she jokingly replied that if she spills any details then she "would be disappearing into the Witness Protection Program." She teased that the state-of-the-art facilities in Albuquerque Studios "lent themselves to the story" being told in the installment.

Changing the filming location for the upcoming season is understandable given how Season 3 ended. The Byers family (Will, Jonathan, and Joyce) together with Eleven left Hawkins, Indiana to start a new life probably in another city or country after all the hell that they went through.

Then, there is the matter of Chief Jim Hopper's (David Harbour) fate as a Russian prisoner. Perhaps "Stranger Things" Season 4 will film more Russian-set scenes in New Mexico. Production for the installment got off to an early start in Lithuania for Hopper's scenes in Russia. By now, the cast is back at work filming in Atlanta, Georgia as confirmed by Netflix via a table read video.

hop told us to leave the door open 3’re welcome

— Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) March 3, 2020

How much of the production will take place in New Mexico and in Atlanta, Georgia is unclear. This is a good move for the show's visual aesthetic though. It hypes up fans' excitement to see what "Stranger Things" Season 4 has in store for viewers, considering that they had to move somewhere equipped with high-tech facilities.

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