Netflix has yet to provide a release date for "Stranger Things" Season 4, but a recent tweet from the show's writers had fans convinced that it arrives in 2020.

The writers have long been teasing details about the upcoming season on their official Twitter page. They have interacted with fans and answered their questions about the characters' fate in Season 4, including Hopper's possible demise.

Their recent tweet is no exception, and it only hyped up fans' excitement to see the show back on TV. The writers wrote 2020 along with the tagline "We're not in Hawkins anymore."

we’re not in hawkins anymore

— stranger writers (@strangerwriters) December 31, 2019

The writers' cryptic tweet follows speculations that the release for "Stranger Things" Season 4 is in 2021. This comes from the fact that there was a 20-month gap between Seasons 2 and 3, as noted by Alt Press.

Fans believe the new season will come in December 2020, which would make sense and coincide with the past seasons' release. Whatever the writers' tweet means, it definitely sent fans in a frenzy.

"A year and a half is the same amount of time if it releases in December," one fan wrote. Another commented, "Yeah I'm really thinking Christmas day 2020 is the release."

As for other details about the upcoming season, the writers have so far confirmed the Episode 1 title. They revealed back in November that it is called "Chapter One: The Hellfire Club." They also teased the inclusion of other members to the club following news of new characters appearing in the installment.

"Stranger Things" Season 4 will include four new male characters, one adult and three teens. The adult plays a major role in a storyline set far away from Hawkins. The teens, on the other hand, have interesting characteristics. One is described as a metalhead, another as an entitled jock, and the third bears a resemblance to the twin of stoner Jeff Spicoli in the 1982 film "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

These have been the confirmed details so far for "Stranger Things" Season 4. The creators, The Duffer Brothers, have remained tight-lipped and Netflix has not yet announced a release date. The show's writers have also only been teasing details so fans should take their 2020 cryptic tweet with a grain of salt.

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