Production for "Stranger Things" Season 4 begins in January 2020. Maya Hawke is set to return if the writers' tweet is any confirmation about her appearance in the installment.

The Netflix series is set to begin filming sometime next month although there is no exact start date yet. Production is reportedly going to go on for seven or eight months, and is slated to end sometime in August 2020. Details about the set location have yet to be revealed.

The filming duration for "Stranger Things" Season 4 is in line with the past season's production timeline, according to Fansided. Although, Netflix and the showrunners, The Duffer Brothers, have yet to confirm these reports.

With filming set to start in January 2020, fans have a long wait to see the show return on screens. Viewers initially thought it would return this summer. Regardless, fans have eight episodes to watch out for when the series airs on Netflix.

The streaming giant has given "Stranger Things" Season 4 the green light to produce eight episodes, which is at par with Seasons 1 and 3. Sadly, it is down one episode from Season 2's nine installments.

Fans can expect to see the series regulars return, except for David Harbour's Chief Hopper, who is presumed dead. Speaking of return appearances, writers for the sci-fi series may have teased that Maya Hawke will reprise her role as Robin Buckley in "Stranger Things" Season 4.

The writers recently took to Twitter to answer a fan's question about their "favourite Robin Buckley line" from Season 3. Their response hinted at the character's return in the installment.

"Also a Season 4 line so you're going to have to wait to get that answer," the writers tweeted back as quoted by Bloody Disgusting.

Adding fuel to speculations about Hawke's return as Robin, is the fact that the writers deleted the tweet as quickly as they posted it.

Regardless, Season 3 may have suggested that Hawke reprises her role in the installment. The season ended with Robin and Steve Harrington looking for a job at Family Video and it seemed like they got the job. The fate of the characters remains uncertain though, since Netflix has confirmed that "Stranger Things" Season 4 will be set outside of Hawkins.

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