"Stranger Things" stunt coordinator Hiro Koda revealed whom among the cast members were most keen to do their fight scenes, and he specifically mentioned Joe Keery and David Harbour.

Koda talked about what it was like working with the cast of the Netflix series in Season 3, in an interview with Metro UK. He said that while "everybody was gung ho to get into the stunts and do certain things," Keery, who plays Steve Harrington, was especially fun to work with as the actor does most of his fight scenes himself.

"'He's super agile, very athletic. I love Joe. He's amazing," Koda said, and revealed that outside of work, Keery is "an incredible human" and "just an awesome guy."

The 46-year-old stunt coordinator then explained how he directs the fight scenes. He said he looks into character details and takes input from the actors too. He assesses how much work they can put into the action sequences.

"That's important to me with choreographing the scenes with people is to make sure that I can choreograph to what they're capable of doing, what their capabilities are, and not just doing something cool because it looks cool. It has to make sense for the story," Koda explained and revealed that with Keery, it was part of the process to talk to him (or the actors) first to "see where they're coming from in that scene as well."

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Koda specifically mentioned the fight scene in "Stranger Things" Season 3 that showed Steve getting beaten up in the Russian lab. It was painful albeit fun to watch. Koda noted that in this scene, the idea was for Steve to just "get beat up but still come out on top and get slammed around." He remembered that it was a lot of fun too shoot.

Aside from Keery, Koda also praised the "incredible" and "awesome" Harbour, who learned all his action stunts "super quick." He was "very safe with the fights" and tweaked his fight scenes to what he feels is good for him. If not, then he just got right through them. Similar to Keery, Koda also described Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper in "Stranger Things," as "super agile" when it came to his action scenes.

Joe Keery, Stranger Things
Joe Keery plays Steve Harrington in the Netflix series "Stranger Things." Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons