On Tuesday, the writers for the Netflix show "Stranger Things" revealed two more episode titles for season 4 in response to a fan's request.

In November, the show's creators/writers, The Duffer Brothers, revealed that the season 4 premiere will be called "The Hellfire Club." They have not shared any of the other episode titles until recently, when a fan responded to their tease on Twitter.

The writers may have subtly prodded fans to ask them questions about "Stranger Things" season 4 in a cheeky tweet. They wrote, "It's actually really hard knowing every single thing that happens in season 4. You should feel rly bad for us."

"What does any of it mean, you know?" they added.

A fan then commented to their posts and asked for a "tiny favour" that they reveal the Episode 2 title. The writers responded, "Yeah it's 'tick tok mr clock.'"

The same fan likewise asked for the Episode 3 title and the reply was, "You snooze you lose." Interestingly, both monickers have something to do with time.

The Duffer Brothers may have only been teasing with the title reveals. These may not even be the real ones. However, another fan pointed out that they did the same tactic in season 3, and the titles turned out to be accurate.

Real or not, their tease is enough to hype up fans' interest. They came up with suggestions on what they could mean in terms of story.

Some said that "Tick tok mr clock" could have something to do with time travel or portal travel as previously rumored. It could also refer to flashback scenes of Chief Jim Hopper's past. David Harbour confirmed in previous interviews that the new season will show Hopper's backstory. It will reveal his time in the Vietnam war and his life in New York City with his wife Diane and daughter Sara before the girl's cancer diagnosis. Hopper moved back to Hawkins after he and Diane divorced following Sara's death.

"Stranger Things" Season 4 will be an eight-episode show although there could be a ninth as the creators previously hinted. As for the titles, fans will just have to wait until The Duffer Brothers reveal Episodes 4-8 titles.

The Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things
The Duffer Brothers confirm that Season 4 is not the final run for "Stranger Things." Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons