• Faith in humanity restored: the internet was quick to rally.
  • One stranger drove 50 kilometres to check on his well-being.

An Australian man who posted a tragic Facebook offering pleading for someone to kill him has now been safely admitted to hospital thanks to an overwhelming response from strangers online.

The man posted the ad to "Gold Coast buy, sell and swap with easy rules" on Monday (29 January at about 5pm. "I will pay someone with everything I own for one favour... anyone interested?" his ad detailed. "$300 + TV Xbox One, 360, Playstation 2, about 100 games, 60 DVDs and 2 laptops. All that if one person grants my request."

"Not a joke, the favour is simple ... Kill me."

Luckily for the man, the Facebook community rallied in the best way possible. The post was inundated with comments of concern. According to, the community was able to figure out where he lived and one person even travelled 50km to check on his welfare.

"What good are your belongings when you're in jail charged with murder? I'd rather get you some help," one user reasoned.

"Get real help my friend. i was where you are one year ago. now life is wonderful. Believe in yourself," another person wrote.

The man's responses were disheartening. "I've tried... but I'm over it ... I want to be at peace," he wrote. "I've been in the same spot for 5 years... I want the suffering to end... I want to go to the next world. A life in this world is worth nothing to me... it is a curse."

Police and ambulance crews attended the man's home following emergency calls. His mother has since issued a statement to the social media group about her son's well-being. "The messages of support are overwhelming," the mother wrote. "I want to apologise. I know this has upset people and possibly triggered others."

"Queensland Police and Queensland Ambulance Service have been, and he has voluntarily gone with them to Robina hospital. He is diagnosed and medicated with a big team behind him. Please I would like your members to know how grateful I am to them and that he is OK and being looked after."