David Reis, CEO of 3D-printer manufacturers Stratasys, talks to IBTimes UK about how 3D-printers will serve as the digial factories of the future and in some areas replace traditional production methods.

Stratasys began in 1989 and has been developing 3D-printing, also known as "additive manufacturing" or "rapid prototyping" for the last quarter of a century.

From initially offering to print out items in just 35 materials, the company is now a multi-national corporation selling not just its own lines of desktop and industrial 3D printers, but also offering specialised 3D-printing services to customers from over 1,200 materials.

The customers they work with are from a wide range of industries including medical, dental automobile, race cars, aerospace and even movie-making, that already use traditional manufacturing methods, but they are increasingly turning to 3D-printing for their needs.