Who knew a rat covered in soap could be that cute?

Rats are not known to be the tidiest, cleanest creatures on Earth. They carry a number of diseases dangerous to humans and hang around bins and trash bags.

So the idea of a rat keeping squeaky clean in a tiny shower might seem cartoonish to most people, like something taken from a movie intended for children or a bizarre dream. But a viral rat coming from Peru does exactly that in a video recorded over the weekend.

This video shows the tiny rat covered in soap and taking a shower in a sink. The rat scrubs its head, belly and armpits like you would do after a long day at work.

The only thing missing to complete the picture is the whistling.

According to Carter News, which licensed the video, the rat was spotted and filmed by Jose Correa in Huaraz city, Ancash in Peru. The video took Reddit and Twitter by storm and several uploads have gathered thousands of views in less than two days.

There was no explanation for the rat's behaviour.

This footage is far cuter than another rat-centric video, which was uploaded in Paris last week. Footage updated by a dustman in December 2016 showed hundreds of rats jumping and kicking in a public dustbin.

The video was used to highlight the French capital's vermin problem.