Stuart Hall treated a teenage girl like a sex slave by locking her inside his BBC dressing room and raping her between filming sessions, a court has been told.

Hall, 84, allegedly kept his 14-year-old victim trapped inside a small and murky room at the BBC's Oxford Road studio in Manchester, in the 1970s.

The former television favourite would return from filming family favourite show It's a Knockout, to have sex with her "in different positions", it was claimed.

A 49-year-old woman made the allegation at Hall's trial for 15 alleged rapes and five indecent assaults. She said Hall had been a family friend who offered her "work experience" in broadcasting.

But instead, she told Preston Crown Court she spent hours confined inside the star's dressing room. When he returned from filming session he plied her with champagne, before attacking her.

She said: "There was a dressing room that had two rooms which belonged to Hall. The first was quite Spartan. I spent a lot of time in there. He told me not to answer the door. He locked me in."

Recalling the alleged rapes, she said: "It was like being a rag doll in the end. It was easier to take the path of least resistance."

Hall has previously admitted sexually assaulting the woman when she was a teenager. He denies al the current charges.

The trial continues.