A university student was getting ready to host her 20th birthday party when she felt shooting pain in her stomach and ended up having a baby in the toilet of her house in Southampton.

Jess Davis, who turned 20 the day after she gave birth to her baby boy, had no idea that she was pregnant. She assumed her abdominal pains were due to her period.

She did not have obvious signs of pregnancy or a baby bump. "My periods have always been irregular, so I didn't really notice," said the new mother, who is in her second year at the University of Southampton, writes The Independent.

She woke up in severe pain on June 11 and assumed she was getting her period. "I was supposed to be having a house party that night for my birthday the next day, so I had a shower and a bath to try and make myself feel better, but the pain just got worse and worse," said Davis.

''I sometimes felt nauseous, but I had started taking a new prescription so I just put it down to my new medication. When he was born it was the biggest shock of my life - I thought I was dreaming at first," she added.

She claims that she felt the sudden need to go to the toilet and push. So, she sat down and pushed. "At no point did I think I was giving birth - I just knew I needed to push,'' she explained.

'I just knew I needed to get it out. Hearing him cry and realising what had actually happened was just so surreal." She was taken to Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton where she found out that she gave birth to the boy at 35 weeks gestation.

Luckily, her mother has been supportive since the day she fund out about her grandson. The mother and the son both are doing well and are healthy.

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