Design student Lucie Davis has put London at her fingertips, literally, with her Oyster-activated nails that can be used to touch in and out of the Underground thanks to an ingeniously placed microchip.

The nails were created as part of Davis' BA in BA in jewellery design at UAL's Central Saint Martins and were showcased at the end of year show.

The inspiration for the Oyster nails came as part of a project that challenged the students to find extraordinary ideas from everyday events and Davis immediately thought about her daily commute.

"These ideas just kept popping up as I was experience my daily routine," said Davis. "You get so immersed in it, it's an intimate, active thing – that's what I want to get across."

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The design includes a set of false nails with the RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tag from an Oyster card embedded in them that lets you top up and tap in and out at any bus or Underground just by using your nails.

No more rooting around in your bag for your Oyster card or losing money if your card is stolen. The best bit is that you can out-tech anyone nonchalantly tapping their Apple watch or phone onto the reader when you simply wave your hand across and run for the next tube.

Speaking to Wah Nails, Davis was excited about her design. "I was hoping that this idea would make everyone's next commute a little more thoughtful and enjoyable rather than our usual mindless ones," she says. "I like to think of my work as a 21st century update to the traditional keepsake. It's about finding a fresh new perspective on things, providing more meaning in a world we may take for granted and (hopefully) changing the way we think in a positive light."

Whilst there has been no word from TFL on whether they are looking to take up the idea, this is certainly a great new way to get around in London without the hassle of the Oyster card, just make sure you don't break a nail en route or you may be in trouble.