Snapchat is adding one of the most popular smartphone games, Subway Surfer, to its Games section.

The game launch was announced on YouTube on Monday and will be added to the Games section, which was announced in April this year. A player can start playing the game right from the chat window by just tapping the "rocket" icon on the chat bar.

The Snapchat version of Subway Surfers will be called Subway Surfers Airtime. Just like the Android/iOS version of the game, the player will play in an endless run manner – he/she will surf, slide, jump over and avoid obstacles in the way.

Mathias Gredal Nørvig, the CEO of SYBO Games, which developed the franchise, stated to Engadget, "We're thrilled to expand the Subway Surfers franchise and partner with Snap Games on this exclusive release. It's a win-win to work with a like-minded company that is committed to fun and offer our fans on Snapchat an opportunity to extend the SubSurf lifestyle"

Since it is a multiplayer game, 10 people can play together at once. They can collect coins by performing perfect landings, rail grinds and other tricks. A player can start a game by just pressing "quick play."

They can also start playing with their friends on Snapchat using the "challenge friends" option.

Will Wu, head of Snap Games, said in a statement, "Snap Games is mobile games made for friends, so it's exciting that Sybo has developed its first franchise extension of Subway Surfers for our platform. We can't wait to see how our community embraces this new way to connect and play with their friends through the familiar world of Subway Surfers."

Putting the game on Snapchat is a masterstroke since Subway Surfer's audience is mostly youth between the ages of 13 to 24. It has 2.5 billion downloads till date on iOS/Android.

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