donald trump
Donald Trump excitedly tweeted about his crucial first foreign trip as president and Twitter seized the opportunity to mock him for it. Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

US President Donald Trump took to his favourite social media platform on Friday (19 May) to tweet about his crucial first foreign trip as the head of the nation. Trump's ambitious nine-day journey to the Middle East and Europe will include stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy and Belgium.

The inaugural international trip comes amid swirling controversies surrounding the White House involving the FBI probe into Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election and possible ties between Trump's campaign and Moscow.

In a tweet on Friday, Trump wrote: "Getting ready for my big foreign trip. Will be strongly protecting American interests - that's what I like to do!"

Twitter, however, had a field day with the president's excited tweet with references to his controversial travel ban, sarcastic speculation as to what he may say to foreign leaders and things he may take with him on the trip.

Many social media users urged the president not to disclose sensitive classified information after he admitted on Twitter earlier this week that he had an "absolute right" to reveal highly classified information, reportedly from key ally Israel, to Russian officials.

Some criticised the president's promise to "strongly protect American interests" while others responded with a cacophony of funny memes, jokes and comments.

"Please try not to embarrass us too much," one Twitter user wrote. Another tweeted: "You are the furthest thing from a patriot. You've sold us out to Russia, let Turkey beat up protesters, and embarrassed us to everyone else."

"Yay! Did you take your blanky & iPad for the flight? Such a big boy!" one user tweeted.

"American interests are quite different from the interests of you and your family," one Twitter user wrote.