Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad is an anti-superhero movie starring Jared Leto and Margot Robbie among others DC Comics

Suicide Squad is Warner Bros' big bet at scoring box-office numbers after the moderate success of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. As the 5 August premiere of the anti-hero flick approaches, movie gossip websites have come up with new theories (based on movie credits) that tease the much-talked about supervillain of the David Ayer movie.

According to a report in Screen Rant, the cast list of Suicide Squad (revealed by Fandom) holds the key to the identity of the central villain in a movie filled with "bad guys". The cast list that includes the name of Canadian actor Alain Chanoine in the role of businessman/Incubus, reminds fans of the comic book history.

And if this backstory is any indication, Incubus might be the one to command the "Eyes of the Adversary." However, we suggest fans take this information with a grain of salt.

The movie website report also added an important piece of comic book mythology, which teased the backstory of the Enchantress played by Cara Delevingne and is important in understanding the role of Incubus. In The DC Comics, Enchantress is an ancient entity, who uses June Moone's body for shelter. However, with time Moone's alter ego, the sorceress, is brought face to face with another mystical entity – the Incubus.

It turns out that Incubus and Enchantress' true identity Succubus are brother and sister, and if the pair are joined, they can usher the return of their powerful demonic father. Whether this piece of comic book history will influence the movie's storyline is yet unknown, but combined with the cast-list information, it is a potential hint towards Suicide Squad's supervillain.

With just around a week left before the anti-superhero movie hits theatres another featurette has surfaced online that shows behind-the-scene sequences, short snippets of interviews of the principal actors, and a closer look at the making of the movie and the "worst heroes ever."

Watch the Suicide Squad video here: