Update: Check out the new Suicide Squad trailer and Wonder Woman featurette below:

New footage from Batman v Superman, first sneak peek from the solo Wonder Woman movie and a brand new Suicide Squad trailer — that is what awaits superhero fans worldwide as The CW airs special TV event DC Films Presents: Dawn of The Justice League tonight 19 January.

The special will be hosted by filmmaker/writer Kevin Smith, who in the latest episode of his popular podcast Fat Man on Batman talked about what exactly fans will be seeing this Tuesday night.

"They show footage, new footage of Batman v Superman," said Smith. "They show footage from the Wonder Woman movie that they're shooting right now, which includes shots of Wonder Woman in action doing some s**t you've never seen before. Then the whole f***king thing wraps up with the debut of the Suicide Squad trailer." (via ComicBookMovie)

Smith, who has already seen the new Suicide Squad trailer, shared his thoughts on how David Ayer's supervillain team-up flick will surprise everyone. "I think this is their Guardians of the Galaxy. It's going to be a sneak f***king stealth hit."

Here's the official description of the upcoming TV special on DC films:

DC Films Presents: Dawn Of The Justice League invites viewers behind the scenes of the exciting new movies coming out of the DC Films universe, culminating in the world premiere of the all-new trailer for Suicide Squad.

Hosted by filmmaker/writer/lifelong comics fan Kevin Smith, with special guest DC Entertainment's Geoff Johns, the special showcases the explosive landscape of DC's greatest heroes, kicking off with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in theatres this March. The programme also features a sneak peek from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Apart from that, the special will feature never-before-seen footage and interviews with Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, and directors Zack Snyder and Patty Jenkins — just a few of the creative forces behind the much-anticipated DC Cinematic Universe. The special also provides glimpses of DC's most famous supervillains.

DC Films Presents: Dawn Of The Justice League airs this Tuesday 19 January at 9.30pm ET/ 8.30pm CT on The CW. You can click here or here to watch it online.