What's next on Suits Season 4? SUITSonUSA/facebook

The midseason premiere of Suits Season 4 will air in January 2015 and the episode picks up right after the shocking cliff-hanger in episode 10.

"Learning Mike's secret, Louis (Hoffman) finally gained the leverage he needed to achieve his ultimate goal. Louis demands to be a partner at the firm.

With six episodes remaining, how will Harvey and Jessica face these critical changes in the firm?" reports Mstars.

Suits Season 4 returns on January 28, 2015 at 10.00 pm ET/ 9.00 pm CT on the USA Network.

Meanwhile, some new updates regarding Suits Season 4 seem to have leaked online.

"Some leaks allegedly coming from the studio have hinted at possible major changes to the cast," reports

According to the report, there have been speculations that the producers are planning to remove a major character.

"Judging from the style in which the show has been produced so far though, if a major event like this does happen, it will likely be completely unexpected and will be executed without any foreshadowing whatsoever, as the producers seem to enjoy surprising their fans," adds the website.