Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival will be hosted in London from April 26-29, 2012 at the Ozone Arena.

The inaugural British event, held at the sprawling O2 leisure complex over four days in April 2012, will play host to 14 handpicked titles from Sundance's lineup in January 2012 in Utah, according to The Telegraph.

"We're a mission-driven organisation, so we are always looking to extend the audience for American independent films. London is the perfect venue. We have a long history with UK films, and probably show more British titles than any other films from outside the US. So there's a natural affinity. But I'm also interested to explore the differences between UK and US independent cinema." John Cooper, director of the Sundance film festival, was quoted as telling the Guardian.

The Sundance Film Festival was first held in 1978 to showcase independent cinema.

Trevor Groth, the event's director of programming said that the main aim of the festival is "to create more opportunity for independent films and filmmakers", according to The Hollywood Reporter.