Saudi Arabia on alert
Saudi volunteers deployed at the Saudi Viva mountains bordering Yemen Faisal Nasser/Reuters

Sunni-inclined Saudi Arabia is bracing for a possible terror attack, over its military campaign against the Shi'ite Houthis rebels in Yemen and the kingdom has been kept on high alert.

Authorities say that security has been heightened all over the country as it may face a terror attack from adversaries in the coming days.

"There was information about a possible act targeting a mall or Aramco installations. We passed this information to the security forces to be on alert," interior ministry spokesperson Mansour Turki told Reuters.

No further information has been given by the Saudi officials who insist the kingdom has been witnessing terror threats from extremist groups for several years.

The latest threat is perceived to be against Saudi Arabia's involvement in Yemen leading a grand Sunni alliance pounding Houthi rebels in Yemen, who are widely seen as being backed by Iran.

"Saudi Arabia is targeted by terrorism. Usually in such situations [conflicts], there are attempts by terrorist groups to take advantage and carry out attacks," added Turki.

The US embassy also halted offering consular services briefly in Saudi Arabia last month due to heightened security concerns. But they were resumed after a week-long shutdown.

Saudi police have made several arrests in the past few weeks in a move to crack down on potential threats.