Thousands of people have lashed out at Charlotte Church's decision not to vote for Labour in the Welsh Assembly elections on 5 May. The politically active singer announced on Twitter that she would be voting for Plaid Cymru, prompting instant backlash and causing her name to trend on Twitter as people discussed her vote.

Many cited Church's long-standing loyalty to the Labour party, including her support for leader Jeremy Corbyn. In February, the 30-year-old Welsh singer even performed at a fundraiser for Corbyn's political campaign.

As a number of people spoke out about Church's decision to vote for Plaid Cymru, the singer clarified her position by tweeting: "There's a difference between Welsh politics and UK politics guys..." When one user responded by saying "Wales is part of the UK", Church hit back by saying: "We have a separate Assembly."

A number of people have since come out in support of Church, echoing her statement that UK and Welsh politics were different. One Twitter user also said: "Not a fan of Charlotte Church, but to be fair to her Corbyn is much closer to Plaid Cymru than Welsh Labour."

However, Church was not the only Labour-supporting celebrity to vote another way during the Super Thursday elections. Actor Emma Thompson urged Londoners to vote for the Women's Equality party on 5 May, telling the Guardian that she felt as though equal pay for women had been sidelined by mainstream politics.

In a letter to the Guardian, Thompson wrote: "To be sure, there have been some good shifts but, by and large, the dreams of my generation have not been realised and many of our hopes have been dashed. I am backing the Women's Equality party because I really do not want to die before closing the pay gap, which stands, in our great and supposedly modern capital city, at 23%."