A man was arrested for reportedly putting razor blades into pizza dough sold to customers at Saco Hannaford Supermarket in Maine. Authorities were notified about the alleged food tampering on October 6 after surveillance footage showed a man who was identified as Nicholas R. Mitchell, tampering with the packaging of several Portland Pizza Pie Doughs.

The suspect was a former associate of the company that manufactures the dough for Portland Pie. Police were quick to release information on Mitchell to the public in an effort to swiftly track down the suspect. Authorities caught up with MItchell in Dover, New Hampshire, just two hours after his arrest order was put out.

According to the Saco Police Department, a customer had purchased the pizza dough brand and later found a number of razor blades inside the product.

The grocery store pursued their own investigation and reviewed security surveillance footage which led them to catch Mitchel in the act of tampering with the products.

At this time, Mitchell's motives for his actions are still unclear or whether he was on a mission to target a specific person, ABC News reported.

So far, there have been no reports of injuries or illnesses in connection with the case and it currently remains under investigation.

A recall has since been issued for all Portland Pie cheese and Portland Pie fresh dough sold in Hannaford Supermarkets. A statement from the company read :

"After what is believed to be further malicious tampering incidents involving metal objects inserted into Portland Pie products, Hannaford has removed all Portland Pie products from all store shelves and has paused replenishment of the products indefinitely."

Customers who have purchased Portland Pie pizza dough and Portland Pie cheese sold in Hannaford's deli section or in any Hannaford store between the dates of August 1 - October 11, 2020 are advised not to consume the said products. All products that were purchased during this time may be returned to the store in exchange for a full refund.

The Dover Police Department now has Mitchell in custody..

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