Supernatural season 10
Supernatural season 10 cover picture CW

Supernatural returns to CW with its 10th season on Tuesday, October 7.

Supernatural's premiere episode titled Black, will find Dean embark on a demonic adventure with the King of Hell, Crowley.

The official synopsis reads:

Year of the 'Deanmon'

Season 10 will witness Demon-Dean going on a rampage with King of Hell as his side-kick.

As a newly turned supernatural creature, Dean will have to decide "how dark and what kind of demon he's going to be," executive producer Jeremy Carver told Entertainment Weekly.

According to Jensen Ackles, "He is an ultra version of a womanizing party animal."

In the new teaser, Sam is seen frantically looking for his brother, who is nowhere to be found after his fight with Metatron last season.

Dean's voice plays, "Sam i know you are trying to fix me, maybe i don't want to be fixed." Sam is conflicted whether to kill his brother, or to save him.

The promo also shows Dean enjoying his demonic mojo – marked by violence, womanising, drunkenness, and singing Right Said Fred's song I'm Too Sexy.

Watch the teaser here.

Will Sam save Dean? Will Sam use the blade on his own brother?

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