Supernatural season 11 episode 21
Emily Swallow as Amara/Darkness in Supernatural season 11 The CW

Supernatural season 11 episode 22 featured the much-awaited confrontation between God/Chuck and Amara, but it ended with an even bigger question: Is God dead?

In the episode titled We Happy Few of Supernatural, God recruited Lucifer (after an awkward father-son confrontation), King of Hell Crowley, all the angels from Heaven, demons from Hell and witch Rowena in his plan to fight his sister, Amara.

Sam agreed to take the Mark of Cain, as the Winchesters prepared for a "biblical royale" between God and Darkness. However, things went haywire while executing their plan. Rowena channelled a coven of witches to hit Amara with lightning. Then the angels from heavens used all their power to once again smite Amara. The demons followed to take a stab at Amara, with the final punch coming from Crowley.

Supernatural season 11 episode 22
Chuck/God is seen having a discussion with Winchesters, Crowley, Lucifer and Rowena in Supernatural season 11 episode 22 pictures The CW

A beaten down Amara entered the warehouse, where Lucifer stabbed her, and leaving God to do the rest. Amara confronted her brother for locking her up for centuries but God simply stated, "The world needed to be born, and you wouldn't let me."

Amara said, "It didn't have to be like this. I loved you brother. You have won again, just finish it, kill me." God could only utter "sorry " and continued with his plan to trap her. When Amara realised that his plan isn't to kill her but rather to trap her again, she fought back.

Amara held God by his neck, choking him. She killed Lucifer who came to God's rescue, and Sam and Dean were left to witness this shocking turn of events. Amara, before striking her brother down for good, explained, "I die a million times… murder you a million more before going back there. Tell me if you won't change, Why should I?"

After this she smited God with her Darkness, as Chuck fell to the ground with a thud. Is God Dead? Thankfully not yet as Amara explained to the Winchesters: "He is dying. My brother will dim, and fade away into nothing. But not until he sees what comes next, not until he watches this world, everything he created, every single thing he loved turn to ash."

"Welcome to the end," Amara said with an ominous warning.

Warning – spoilers ahead

The finale episode is titled, Alpha And Omega, which will air 25 May at 9pm EST on The CW. With God down, the Winchester brothers will have to come up with a plan to take down Amara, and save the world.

A promo for episode 23, shows Sam and Dean telling what is left of God team, " We are collecting souls to build a bomb to blow the Darkness to hell." Rowena tells Dean that he will not carry the bomb, instead he will be the bomb. The video ends with Dean showing up in Amara's place, in what feels like the final confrontation of this season.

Here is the synopsis for episode 23:

Can the Winchesters take down Amara? Do not miss the season finale of Supernatural this Wednesday on The CW.