Mark Sheppard took to social media to hint at a possible appearance in "Lucifer" Season 6 given his interest in the show.

The "Supernatural" actor responded to showrunner Joe Henderson's tweet about the start of filming for Season 6 of the Netflix show. He commented, "Cough..." which could have several meanings. He could be hinting at his involvement in the installment for a still-undisclosed role.

Sheppard has long since shown an interest in "Lucifer." After all, he plays King of Hell Crowley in "Supernatural." He would make a good addition to the cast. He could probably portray one of the demons in hell.

However, this is not the first time he has responded to Henderson's tweets. The 56-year-old British-American actor rejoiced when Netflix picked up "Lucifer" in 2018 after the Fox cancellation.

"BOOM!!!!! HELL YES!!!," he tweeted to a report about the show's revival. He also added, "Sooooooo......?" to which Henderson replied, "Oh HELL YES."

Then in 2019, Sheppard cheekily joked about Henderson casting him in "Lucifer." The showrunner apologised that he could not make it to the San Diego Comic-Con because he has deadlines to meet. The actor replied, "Writing me an episode?"

Fans of the actor have even petitioned for him to get a role in "Lucifer." The request has since received 170 signatures out of its 200 goal.

"He has expressed he would like to appear on the show and at the Lucifer con 'Lux' in Brighton in January 2019, the showrunners expressed that they would like him on the show. Let's show them how many people agree! We will then send this to the showrunners," reads the description for the petition on

Henderson has yet to respond to Sheppard's offer, although he did confirm in a podcast interview that fans have asked him to bring the actor in to "Lucifer." He said he is the most-requested guest star. The two men know each other from "White Collar" so it would not be a surprise to see the actor for even a cameo on the Netflix show.

"Lucifer" Season 5B just recently finished filming and the episodes may not arrive until next year. Sheppard may appear as a guest star then or probably in Season 6 if Henderson agrees.

Mark Sheppard
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