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An alleged paedophile has taken his own life after being caught in a Facebook sting. Getty

A British gardener has taken his own life after he was caught by a Facebook group allegedly trying to meet with a 14-year-old boy, an inquest has heard.

43-year-old David Baker was placed under citizen's arrest by the Southampton Trap group when he allegedly attempted to meet the 14-year-old in a supermarket car park. He was taken to the police on 4 October, 2017.

Three days later, Baker was found dead from a prescription drug overdose at his home in Wickham, Hampshire. According to the Daily Star, he had cut himself out of all family photos and left two notes.

Baker was engaged to Kelly Davies, who said she found out about the arrest through the Facebook group and from friends. "None of us knew anything," Davies said, according to the BBC. "We just thought it was someone being sick. We didn't really believe it.

"He was a kind, loving man, he would do a lot for people, always willing to help," Davies said of Baker, according to the Daily Star.

Davies' daughter, Cherelle Stares, said the family's address had been shared online. "I didn't feel safe as there are idiots out there," Stares said. "And I didn't want a brick being put through the window with my mum and daughter there."

Davies, Stares and Stares' daughter have now moved out of the house and are residing in a friend's caravan.

Coroner Grahame Short told the court that "It's clear he was offered advice and he was asked as to his state of mind. I do not know if it would have made any difference if his solicitor had allowed him to answer questions about his state of mind or welfare but he didn't in any event.

"It's not for me to judge David's actions on October 4 or indeed the actions of Southampton Trap which led to the arrest."

The Facebook video of Baker's capture has been removed out of respect for the family.

Ok so david baker who we caught this week has been found dead(suicide) our hearts go out to his family at this time and...

Posted by TRAP on Saturday, October 7, 2017