A boa in Santo Domingo de Heredia
A boa in Santo Domingo de Heredia Getty

Two supermarket workers in Bograngen, western Sweden, were shocked when they came across a boa constrictor in a box of bananas they were unpacking on Tuesday. The two were unsure at first but a vet later confirmed that the snake was dead.

Elinor Syversen told thelocal.se that her colleague started screaming while they were unpacking the box and that was how she first saw the snake. She said it was around 45-50cm long and brown. Not knowing what to do and believing that the snake might only be unconscious, Syversen used a broom to transfer it to another box which they placed in a cold store room, thinking that the warmth might wake up the reptile.

A local vet came to the store later that evening and confirmed that the snake was dead. Syversen said the supermarket were still holding the body while they confirmed where the bananas had come from.

Syversen said she just wanted to get rid of the reptile as her partner is afraid but she told thelocal.se that she's planning to take her children to see it: "The boy is four and he really wants to look at it!"

Other Swedish media have reported that the The National History Museum in Gothenburg is considering taking in the dead snake.

Boa constrictors are usually found in the Americas and can grow up to 4m long. The snakes get their name from the fact that they constrict their prey until blood flow is cut off to the heart and brain and the prey dies after which the boa will swallow it whole.