Stockholm Old Town
A blast has reportedly occurred in Stockholm

Swedish police were investigating mysterious reports of a powerful explosion in Stockholm, which appeared to have caused no damage and left no tangible evidence of its occurrence. Authorities rushed to the central Södermalm district after receiving calls from members of the public who heard a loud bang at around 11.40am, police said.

Officers cordoned off an area near Brännkyrkagatan street and visited a nearby building sporting a shattered window to check if it was connected to the blast. A Stockholm police spokesperson said detectives found the flat "nice and quiet" with no evidence of crime.

They also contacted the landlord and it appeared that there was no relation between the broken window and the incident under investigation. After less than two hours, cordons were lifted as no other damage was found and no casualties were reported.

A police spokesman told IBTimes UK the incident was over, although it was not clear what had caused the loud noise, which he said was heard by many people in the area. He said police had received several calls reporting the suspected blast in the morning.