UK police

Four police officers were injured after being pelted by bricks and missiles as they attempted to break up an illegal rave on a Wiltshire industrial estate in the early hours of 1 March.

Two officers suffered head injuries, and one was taken to hospital with concussion after being struck by a brick. Two other officers, including a dog handler, received treatment for minor injuries at the scene.

There were five arrests – four for public order offences and one for assaulting a police officer during the eight-hour event, which took place at an empty unit on the River Ray industrial estate in Swindon.

Wiltshire Police were called to the estate shortly after 1am on 1 March, in response to reports of several cars gathering. Hundreds of ravers were involved in the ensuing stand-off, and police were called in from neighbouring Avon and Somerset before being pelted with missiles at around 3am.

The Wiltshire Police Twitter account kept locals updated.

"It is our job to keep the public safe and disperse people from this location," said Superintendent Andrew Carr, according to a report in the Mirror.

"This rave was illegal and therefore there are no guarantees that location is safe or that the amount of people who attend are properly managed.

"It is very disappointing that members of the public became hostile to officers and began to throw missiles and damage fences and property. Sadly, four officers have been injured and there were other minor injuries."

Nearby roads were cordoned off while officers dealt with the rave. The concussed officer was treated at Great Western Hospital, Swindon.