A T-Mobile customer was left horrified when an employee texted her 20 minutes after she visited a store, asking if she wanted to "hang out and smoke" with him.

The anonymous US customer was concerned about the employee breaching privacy regulations by using her personal information to contact her. She said she had become "extremely paranoid" because she was unsure what other private details the man could have accessed when he was looking into her account.

The customer wrote on Reddit: "I stopped at a tmobile store today while on vacation in another state to just ask a quick question about my current data plan. 20 minutes later the employee who helped me texted me asking me to hang out and smoke with him? Now if this were any other in-person scenario I wouldn't have cared, but he used my personal information to directly contact me.. How could I report something like this?"

She later added that the employee had used her name in the message and "apologised" for being "a little unprofessional". She took a screenshot of the text but instantly blocked his number, calling the experience "weird and unnecessary". The user also denied suggestions that she had flirted with the employee in-store.

T-Mobile's executive vice president Jon Freier was alerted to the Reddit post by a retail team member and said: "This is highly concerning and I would be happy to personally look into this situation ASAP and take the appropriate action."

Later, after speaking to the woman concerned on the phone, Freier added: "I am getting to the bottom of this. It's completely unacceptable and this kind of behaviour won't be tolerated. Thanks for allowing me to resolve."

IBTimes UK has contacted T-Mobile for further comment.

T-Mobile EVP at Pride
Jon Freier, EVP, T-Mobile, marches with fellow employees, family and friends during New York City Pride March, Sunday, June 25, 2017. Diane Bondareff/AP Images for T-Mobile