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Carlos Cantina in the Melbourne suburb of Croydon posted a photo of the unpaid bill on their Facebook page - Representational Image Brooke Lark/Unsplash

A table of six men ate at a Mexican restaurant in Australia on Saturday night (13 January) but left without paying. So, the owner of the restaurant decided to post the unpaid bill on Facebook. And to his surprise, when the staff opened the doors next morning, they found an envelope containing cash.

Carlos Cantina, which is in the Melbourne suburb of Croydon, uploaded a photo of the bill of $325.50 (£236.93) on their Facebook page saying "To the table of 6 boys that walked out tonight, You forgot to pay. Please come back."

Some Facebook users described the incident as "disgusting" while some said "That bill is worth three staff wages for the night. Go back and pay it guys," reported.

The next morning, Carlos Cantina shared a photo of an envelope on which it was written, "Sorry we forgot to pay".

"We came into work today and found an envelope with full payment under our door," the restaurant wrote. "We are extremely happy. Thank you very much, boys. We hope you had a good night."

However, many Facebook users continued to debate whether it was a genuine mistake, or the men only paid after being shamed on social media.

"I've done this before with a group of friends and it was a total mistake, we totally forgot because we were having such a good time. Surely every single one of you have made a mistake in your life which was stupid. Geez, give them a break," a user wrote while another said, "I call bulls*** on forgetting to pay, they could have at the very least handed the money over in person, $300+ is a lot of money to flippantly put under your door BUT they have paid so that's a good thing."