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Six police squads were called to subdue a bodybuilder in Toulouse. Reuters

It took 20 policemen several taser shots to subdue and arrest a French bodybuilder described by authorities as a "colossus".

Security forces responded to a night call at an address in the Minimes district of Toulouse, southern France, over a domestic quarrel.

A 22-year-old man, renowned in the local bodybuilding circles, was refusing to leave his girlfriend's apartment after an argument.

The first police squad that arrived at the scene found the man in a state of overexcitement and decided to evacuate the woman.

As they then moved to arrest him, a scuffle erupted. Three policemen were injured and decided to call for reinforcement.

Another six squads arrived at the scene to leave a total of about 20 officers, who nevertheless struggled to contain the giant, who authorities said had used anabolic steroids.

Police used a taser gun but the first shot had "the same effect as a mosquito bite" on the man, an officer said.

He was finally forced to give up the fight after at least one other stun shot was fired at him.

The man was taken to a local hospital, which is standard health procedure after the use of electroshock force, and remains in police custody.