A Christian mother's tweet comparing Taylor Swift's vagina to a ham roll has gone viral, but not for the reasons she was expecting. Jennifer Mayers of Baton Rogue, Louisiana, USA, tweeted out a picture of two ham rolls - one she said represented her daughters and the other representing the singer-songwriter's vagina.

The tweet sparked reaction from social media users, some of whom reprimanded Mayers for "slut-shaming" Swift, who is known for writing songs about the break up of her relationships.

They have included One Direction's Harry Styles and Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. Swift, 26, is currently having a very public romance with British actor Tom Hiddleston, 35.

Other social media users questioned her knowledge of the female anatomy. One said it was "really embarrassing when grown women don't understand how women's bodies work".

While some just wanted to talk about the sandwich:

After the tweet went viral, Mayers wrote a blog post saying it had been "an eventful 24 hours" as well as saying that she wanted to highlight "the dangers of promiscuity" and that since Swift is in the public eye she "should be setting a good example of purity and Christianity".

The post also received replies from people disagreeing with Mayer, with many claiming that she was looking for attention.

The furore also created its own humorous hashtag: #IfMyVaginaWereASandwich