Several members of the Team USA men's basketball team were caught entering a notorious brothel in Rio de Janeiro, reportedly assuming it was a traditional health spa. DeAndre Jordan, DeMarcus Cousins and DeMar Derozan and three other players were pictured in the Termas Monte Carlo, an establishment that is billed as a spa but also features a fully-stocked bar and a range of "extra benefits" – namely prostitutes.

According to a report from TMZ, which published pictures of the athletes in the Termas Monte Carlo, a source claimed the players quickly realised what the business was really offering and promptly left. However, the images do appear to show one Team USA member alongside a girl with her hands around his waist.

Nevertheless, a source from the club says that the men bought some drinks while inside, but that was all. The insider said: "They realised it wasn't the right place for them and immediately left".

In one profile by Rolling Stone, the Monte Carlo is described as a "high-end" brothel.

Describing how these businesses usually work, the profile stated: "They're ostensibly spas. The conventions at these places are the same: walk in, get handed a locker key, get naked, put on a robe. Downstairs are the spa accommodations. Upstairs, the girls."

DeMarcus Cousins (L) and DeAndre Jordan (R) are two of the five Team USA basketball players who allegedly visited a brothel during the 2016 Olympics Rob Carr/Getty Images

Additionally, as Yahoo sports columnist Dan Wetzel points out, the USA basketball team is currently renting a 514ft, 196-suite luxury cruise ship that is docked in the waters off Rio during the Olympics. This, he notes, comes with a spa.

"[The boat] has pools, gyms, hot tubs, beds built for seven-footers, bars, a cigar lounge, plenty of places to play cards and hang out. It even has… a spa. Oops," he wrote. "USA Basketball made this so the guys would never have to leave the boat – or have any reason to want to leave the boat – except to practice and play. And yet… they left the boat."