UK mobile phone users are just getting used to being able to access a superfast 4G network, but the world of technology is one which never stands still and now is already time to look forward to 5G – at least according to UK prime minister David Cameron.

At the tech trade show CeBIT taking place in Germany this week, the Cameron spoke about a relentless drive for new ideas. The promise of 5G according to Cameron is being able to download a film in just one second.

Cameron believes that 5G technology is something "to be truly excited about" but with many places in the UK still struggling to get adequate 3G coverage, the possibility of 5G will seem like science fiction.

The UK government is obviously keen not to get left behind in the way it did with 4G technology, but Cameron calling 5G something to get excited about is simply political posturing and not something tangible which the UK public can really get excited about.

Don't get me wrong, 5G mobile broadband is the future, but then again so is 6G, 7G and so on. It is a positive move by Cameron and the UK government to create this partnership but for the public, there are much more important things to be addressed – such as creating more robust 3G and 4G networks.