Antonio Hollywood Campbell
Campbell was arrested on several charges (Cumberland County Sheriff's Office

A teenager in North Carolina has been arrested, accused of assaulting his girlfriend and decapitating a dog.

Antonio Hollywood Campbell, 18, was arrested on Monday 20 November by police in Fayetteville, North Carolina, after his girlfriend reported him for assault.

Jordan Stevens alleged that she was forced to go to Cape Fear Hospital on 17 November after he choked her, causing pain in her neck.

The pair, according to WCTI, were involved in an argument at Campbell's house on Gillespie Street, which resulted in a fight.

Campbell is understood to have accused Stevens of talking to other men. When their argument became heated, he took her phone, pushed her face-down onto the bed, sat on her and choked her by the neck.

Struggling to break free, Stevens was unable to breathe, but Campbell pushed harder, before eventually letting go.

When speaking to police, Stevens revealed how three weeks prior to the assault, Campbell was upset with her and said that "if you ain't gonna be with me, then I am going to kill the dog".

He is then reported to have tied a leash around the neck of a puppy and spun it around in the air.

Tying the leash to the back of his car he drove it down a road, with the puppy dragged along the ground.

To finish off the canine, he placed it between two blocks of cinder and decapitated it with a hatchet knife.

After a search at his house, police found remains of a dog as well as the cinder blocks, hatchet and sawed off shotgun.

He was charged with domestic violence felony strangulation for the assault, animal cruelty, and possession of a weapon of mass destruction.