On Friday, September 11, Hamdi Mohamed Farah was brutally raped and murdered in Mogadishu, Somalia. The student was gang-raped at a hotel before being thrown to her death. The violent nature of the crime sparked outrage and protests in the country's capital. The police swiftly arrested 11 men suspected of being involved in the attack on the teen. An investigation into the incident continues and more suspects may be arrested.

Farah had gone to meet a male friend at a hotel in the Wabari district of Mogadishu. She was attacked and gang-raped by a group of men at the hotel. After the ordeal, the teen was thrown out from the building. The fall from the sixth-floor claimed her life.

The victim's family last saw her leaving home on Friday last week. Later in the day, they received a call informing them that the teen had passed away. Farah's relatives identified her body at the Medina Hospital mortuary.

An investigation into the murder was launched by the Somali police. According to the Daily Mail, by Monday, September 14, police had arrested 11 suspects. However, Anadolu Agency reported that a court allowed the release of two of suspects. It is believed that more men were involved in the brutal rape and murder. Police announced that efforts to identify and arrest more suspects are on-going.

Even though rapes are not rare in the nation, the high-profile case sparked a nationwide outcry. A mob of protesters gathered outside the hotel where the incident took place. Somali Affairs reported that the mob started burning tires outside the hotel. Eventually, the crowd turned violent and ended up setting fire to a part of the hotel.

Religious and political leaders spoke up against the heinous incident as well. Sheikh Bashir Ahmed Salad, chairman of Somalia's religious council, has asked for exemplary punishment for the perpetrators. At a press conference, he stated that other religious leaders also agree that the government should conduct a serious investigation and serve justice to Farah's family. Somali senator Ilyas Ali Hassan said that the incident was unacceptable. He pointed out that sexual violence against women and children is against basic human rights as well as Islam.

19-year-old raped and thrown to her death from a six-floor building. [Representational image] Getty