London resident Renata Aladenika was walking her dog, Rocco, in Woolwich Common when the small pet was attacked by a larger canine on Sunday, August 9. The devastated pet owner claims that the ferocious massive dog was not on a lead when the attack occurred. She shot a video of the incident after the dog's owner managed to pull it off of Rocco. The injuries sustained by the smaller dog were too grievous for him to recover.

Renata's mother, Dorothy Aladenika, shared the video captured by her daughter after Rocco had been mauled. In the video, the dog that attacked appears to be a Bullmastiff. A young woman is seen struggling to pull the dog away from the Miniature Pinscher, which is seen to be lying motionless in the grass. The big dog's owner can be heard telling the 18-year-old to pick her dog up and take it to the vet. She kept saying that the dog is still alive.

Speaking about the attack, Renata recalled walking with her dog at around 8:50 pm. She said that the two dogs saw each other as they were walking. The sight of the bigger animal triggered Rocco to growl at it. As soon as the small dog growled, the dog that was off-lead pounced on it.

The bullmastiff grabbed the miniature pinscher by the head and started shaking it. The attack, which lasted a couple of minutes, was enough to render the small dog unresponsive. The owner failed to pull the dog off of the victim until it became still.

According to the Daily Mail, Renata started recording the incident to hold the dog owner responsible. The woman allegedly told the teen to pick Rocco up and go to the main road from where she would drive them to a vet. The teen claims the woman put her dog in the car and vanished. Dorothy had to drive to Woolwich Common to pick her daughter and pet up.

Rocco was taken to an emergency vet. It remained under observation for the night, and the next day it was taken to the vet it usually went to. The vet informed the family that the dog had sustained catastrophic haemorrhaging in the neck. The family had no choice but to euthanise Rocco.

Dorothy set up a GoFundMe to pay for the vet bills. She has also appealed over social media to help find the reckless owner of the other dog. The formal complaint has been registered with the police. While there have not been any arrests, the Metropolitan police are investigating the incident.

bull mastiff
A bullmastiff reportedly mauled a miniature pinscher fatally during a walk. (representational image) Wiki Commons / MIB90210