A new episode of Teen Mom 2 season 6 will air on 23 July on MTV.

Episode 3 is titled No Apologies, which will feature much yelling and a lot of walkouts.

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According to the official synopsis, "Chelsea and Adam retain lawyers for their custody battle; Jenelle's chance of gaining custody of Jace is threatened by her explosive arguments with Nathan; Corey wants more time with the girls; and Leah and Jeremy's marriage hits the skids."

Teen Mom 2's Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer are officially divorced, and fans will see what led to this huge decision during the current season of MTV's hit show. In a sneak peek from the upcoming episode, Leah and Jeremy get into an explosive fight.

In the clip, Jeremy and Leah pack their daughters into the car, and Jeremy loses it when he sees that the car is packed with random stuff and that it's impossible to see out the rear view window.

"This has to stop," Jeremy tells Leah as baby Adalynn screams in the background with a bunch of bags on her lap. "My god, if we had a wreck, the amount of s—t that's gonna kill these kids in this car is phenomenal."

Leah doesn't take kindly to Jeremy's complaints and says, "Why would you even say such a thing? That's f—king ridiculous."

"You can't even see out the rear-view," Jeremy continues. "If a cop were to pull up on your a*s and see all that s**t there..."

The couple then have a huge fight, as we hear Leah shouting, " I will clean it. It just f*****g happened Jeremy."

Another clip for the same episode shows Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith engaging in a nasty fight. Jenelle is waiting with her baby in the car for Nathan, who shows up late.

"My appointment is this morning, and even though I want Nathan to come, he is making me late," an irritated Jenelle says.

As Nathan gets in the car, Jenelle tells him that her day is already ruined because she is going to be late for the lawyer's appointment.

"I'm staying home," he says, and gets out of the car as she asks, "Are you serious?"

"Oh, my God! Here we go again, dude," she says, parking the car in the driveway. "I am so sick of this."

She takes the baby out of the back seat and goes inside the house. The war of words starts when Jenelle is heading to her lawyer's office to discuss getting her son Jace back from her mother Barbara.

Once again, Jenelle says the appointment is for her son, but that doesn't seem to sway Griffith. "Your son, yup, not my problem," he says.

Later, she blasts her fiancé for initially wanting to be a father to Jace and then changing his mind.

"First of all, you're going to sit there and step-up for Jace to be his father-figure, and now you're going to sit there and say he's not even your f----- son," says Jenelle.

"We are done, Jenelle. You are a bitch," Nathan yells.

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry is unsure if her marriage to Javi Marroquin can survive his mistrust.

The couple have seen a therapist to discuss trust issues, but there is no progress, as Kailyn has no patience for his meddling.

A new promo shows Javi asking Kailyn why she locks her phone. She replies that she caught him going through her computer and cell phone so many times, which is why she keeps her phone locked. It is none of his business who she is speaking to, she says.

Teen Mom 2 season 6 airs on Thursdays on MTV.