Teen opera singer cyberbullied after announcing about performing at Trump's inauguration
Evancho reportedly said that it was a “great honour” for her to perform at the event Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Teen opera singer Jackie Evancho made headlines after it was disclosed that she would be singing the American national anthem at President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration in January. However, the teen opera sensation and her family has since become the target of intense cybercullying, according to reports.

Evancho has also performed for President Barack Obama at the 2010 National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony as well as the National Prayer Breakfast in 2012. She reportedly said that it was a "great honour" for her to perform at the event.

"My family is kind of a big target," Evancho told People. "I have a transgender sister and so a lot of hate goes towards us. But I also get a lot of love. So, we pay most attention to that. Sometimes we get really annoyed with the hate, everyone does—we have to admit it but we just ignore it."

Evancho said that she has performed for Trump in the past, at the Mar-a-lago in 2012.

The Trump transition team has reportedly struggled to find artists to perform at the inauguration ceremony, with several high-profile celebrities approached, turning down the opportunity. Sir Elton John recently refuted the transition team's claims of securing his performance for the event. John's PR team "categorically denied" that he would participate in the inauguration.

It is still unclear if Trump's transition team will invite any other singers to perform at the event. Reports speculate that Kanye West, who recently met with Trump in New York, may have been offered to perform at the inauguration.

Online bullying has long been a challenge for social media firms. Twitter recently upgraded some of its features to tackle online trolls and abuse, as part of its crackdown on cyberbullying.