Teen Wolf season 6 episode 2
Malia, Lydia, Stiles and Scott in Teen Wolf season 6 MTV

Teen Wolf is officially coming to an end with the last 10 episodes of season 6 set to air in Summer, 2017. Cast members Holland Roden and Shelley Hennig completed filming for the show and took to social media to say goodbye to the show with emotional posts.

Roden, who plays Lydia Martin, posted a photo from the sets on Instagram and spoke about the touching chapter of her life. She wrote, "To my 20s! To my first chapter in my adult life. Today is the day that @teenwolf turns off their cameras and closes their doors. No chapter of my life will quite touch me like #Jeffdavis and the world he created at @teenwolf - the attitude of these shows- the tone that is on set- starts at the top- It has been such a privilege to work for such kind and hard working bosses"

She added, "I will only continue to peel back the layers of my gratitude of @teenwolf which are to be discovered for years to come. To some of my best friendships formed on this little engine that could."

"To our litttle band of silly, hard ass working, beyond inappropriate, dedicated, cookie and Swedish fish eating, talented, laughing and skateboarding til the end group that is @teenwolf - I will forever cherish and love you❤️" Roden concluded her post.

Shelley Hennig, who plays Malia Hale, also took to Twitter to share a message for her fans and thanked showrunner Jeff Davis for creating her character. She tweeted, "Thank u #TeenWolf family for the best 3 years of my life. I feel like I've come alive since you've been in my life and I'm forever grateful."

In a series of tweets she continued, "To the fans: I have never met such a passionate & clever group. You kill me every day w your undying love for the show & for me and Malia. Thank u Jeff Davis for the creation of Malia. I ugly cry while typing this bc she made my life remarkable since she awoke in the woods naked."