Police in Ireland are investigating after a 14-year-old boy was allegedly assaulted and injured by a security guard at the Scientology centre in Dublin.

The Gardaí police force said they are taking the allegations "very seriously" after a woman claimed her son suffered a fractured wrist and cuts and bruises following an attack on the site in Ratharnham.

An investigating into allegations of suspected assault causing harm of a minor has now been launched.

A police spokesperson said: "Gardaí in Rathfarnham received reports of an assault on a minor by a security guard at a location on Firhouse Road, Rathfarnham on 13/1/18 at approximately 6:30pm. Enquiries are ongoing."

Sinn Fein TD Sean Crowe said he was already alarmed by the religion opening a site in Dublin and now has "huge concerns" about the allegation a minor has been assaulted at the facility.

He told the Irish Sun: "A lot of paranoia surrounds this group and there are also a lot of concerns in the local community about what their aims and objectives are."

"The site is well covered by ­cameras so I'm sure it should be easy enough for the gardai to ­ascertain what happened.

"I've huge concerns in relation to the group itself. It is a cult. I wouldn't be encouraging anybody to be using the facilities."

The £6m (€6.8m) centre has attracted protests from concerned locals since it was opened last October.