A 15-year-old boy was mauled to death by a giant crocodile in front of his classmates at a lake in Ternate City, Indonesia.

The victim, identified as Farjan Idham, had gone fishing with his classmates when he was attacked by the crocodile in Lake Tolire. The boy was sitting on a log when the crocodile came out of nowhere and attacked him.

The predator dragged him underwater before any of his friends could understand what was happening. They tried to run after the crocodile but were unable to save the boy. It took authorities two days to retrieve Idham's body from the lake.

According to rescuers, they were unable to retrieve the body sooner even though it could be seen floating in the water, as another crocodile wouldn't leave it alone.

One crocodile kept pushing the body around the lake. The officers only managed to pull the victim's body out of water two days after the attack. Both of Idham's arms had been torn off, and his head had almost been severed from his neck, according to a report in The Mirror.

The young boy's remains have been handed over to his family for his last rites. The lake has also been closed to tourists, and locals have been warned not to go near it.

Such attacks on people are common in Indonesia, which is home to several species of crocodiles. The country has 14 types of crocodiles, including the extremely large and violent estuarine crocodiles.

Experts believe that the destruction of their natural habitat and warmer temperatures are some of the things driving these predators closer to human populations. The best way to avoid an attack is by staying away from areas infested with such reptiles.

In February, a 51-year-old man was dragged underwater and eaten alive by a crocodile in the North Kalimantan province of Indonesia. The man was taking a bath in the river when a 13-foot-long crocodile attacked him.

The locals tried to scare off the giant predator but could not save the victim. A video of the incident, which was recorded by people present when the incident occurred, showed the screaming man being dragged underwater.

Saltwater crocodile
A saltwater crocodile pictured in Indonesia. (wiki commons)