Police in India have detained a 19-year-old for killing his father. The crime was committed on Sunday (25 June) when the teenager got to know that his father had raped his sister.

The incident was reported from a village in the Jamnagar district of India's western state of Gujarat. Police said the boy's sister called him up and told him that their father had raped her twice at their family home.

The call apparently enraged him and he immediately went to meet his father. After a heated argument, the boy strangled the older man to death, police said.

The rape survivor had been staying with her mother for the past month because of her troubled relationship with her husband, Sub Inspector P S Koringa told the Times of India. Her father, who worked as a casual labourer, came home once every 10 to15 days, Koringa added.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau figures released in 2013, rape is the fourth most common crime in India.

Recently, a teenager was allegedly raped at a hospital in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The girl had accused a male nursing assistant at a hospital in Kanpur city of forcing her to change her clothes in front of him. He had then apparently injected her with a sedative before sexually assaulting her.

The incident sparked a protest, with people calling for the hospital to be shut down and strict punishment to be given for the accused.

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Police said the woman told her brother that their father had attacked her twice at the family home - Representatioanl image Getty