Two teens have been found guilty of sexually assaulting a vulnerable 15-year-old boy with a toilet brush after burning him with cigarettes and suffocating him with a plastic bag.

Michaela Murch, 18, and a 17-year-old male who cannot be named for legal reasons, were found guilty of assaulting the boy in a children's hospital toilet after putting him through a 36-hour ordeal in April this year.

The boy was in hospital to receive treatment for burns to his legs and feet inflicted on him by the teens the previous day.

During the trial at Bristol Crown Court, a jury heard how the pair had also stripped him naked, forced him to run down the street, burnt his body with cigarettes and lighters and placed a plastic bag over his head, causing him to suffocate.

The court heard how after taking him into a disabled toilet, the pair beat the boy with a toilet brush twice, causing the handle to snap off.

Murch then used the handle to assault the boy after forcing him to pull his trousers down, reports the Bristol Post.

The pair both previously pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm and common assault, with Murch also admitting one abduction charge. Both denied the sexual allegations against them, but were found guilty by a jury.

Prosecutor Richard Posner previously told the court: "Michaela and her co-defendant are accused of embarking on a course of conduct that was intended to harm their victim, a 15-year-old boy.

"His vulnerability allowed them to manipulate a trust he had placed in them, and make him the subject of a degrading and intentionally humiliating attack."

They are due to be sentenced on 8 January.