2020 is just around the corner and the fighting game community are sharing their opinions about which titles had the biggest impact in 2019. It seems that "Street Fighter V," despite starting the year poorly, is making a huge comeback with its latest update. On the other hand, "Tekken 7" also wrapped up its competitive circuit with big announcements that revealed one returning fighter and two new faces to add to its expansive roster. Meanwhile, game producer Katsuhiro Harada recently posted an announcement on social media related to "Xenosaga."

As of late, he has been regularly communicating with gamers over Twitter, which led to some amusing interactions. However, his latest tweet confirmed news that is expected to disappoint a lot of RPG fans. The Bandai Namco executive replied to @InstantMayhem regarding the user's request for an "HD collection" remaster of the studio's "Xenosaga" series, which came out for the PlayStation 2 with spin-offs on other platforms.

According to Harada, a "Xenosaga" remaster was proposed before, but profitability surveys have reportedly deemed it impossible. He then went on to apologise to fans for the publisher's decision. It was also specified that revisiting the proposal is very difficult and will most likely remain that way for now.

A report from GameSpot recalls that in 2014, the "Tekken 7" producer called out to gamers on Twitter. He was encouraging those interested and hoping the demand from the fans of the RPG series might reach the management in Bandai Namco. It appears the data collected at the time was not enough to convince investors to proceed with the remaster project.

Despite the regrettable news, there are those who are still hopeful that it would be possible in the future. Harada has been praised by the "Tekken 7" community for his contribution and continued support with regular updates and additional content.

With the "Xenosaga" HD collection remaster project set aside for now, Bandai Namco is expected to focus on other IPs. Among its library of games, "Tekken 7" continues to be a hit among fighting game enthusiasts. Despite rumours of another sequel in development, most believe that Harada still has plans to add more content for the current title.

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