When the most famous pop stars, rappers and rockers from around the world all come together for the live MTV VMA's unexpected fireworks usually go off.

So ahead of this year's eagerly anticipated installment of the famous show, we look back at the ten best moments from previous outings.

1) Taylor Swift: Kanye West VMA Awards 2009

Taylor Swift was left speechless and so was the world when Kanye famously interrupted her best video acceptance speech, with: "Yo Ima let you finish, but Beyonce had the best video of all times".

2) Beyonce Announces She's 'Preggers'

Beyonce surprised everyone when she revealed her pregnancy during her Love on Top performance at the 2011 VMA's. The star had managed to keep it secret up until that point so fans were left stunned when she ripped her jacket open revealing a baby-bump and announced: "I want you to feel the love I have growing inside me".

3) Madonna - Britney Kiss

One of the most shocking moments to take place at the show was when Madonna and Britney Spears locked lips - Yes you read it right, the two pop princesses ended their performance with a kiss.

4) Lady Gaga Bizarre Bleeding

The Queen of crazy has a long list of bizarre antics that just seem to get ever more peculiar with every passing year. At the 2009 VMAs it all got off to a sweet start when she wore a lace bunny mask at the start of the performance but it quickly turned to horror after three minutes when she started bleeding from her abdomen.

5) Lady Gaga is a Man

After arriving and accepting her award in a dress made of raw meat at the 2010 VMAs, Lady Gaga outdid herself the following year when she arrived dressed as a man for the 2011 event. At first, fellow celebrities and the audience had no idea who she was until she performed her song, You and I. It turns out she was dressed as "Joe Calderone" a male character she transformed into for the music video.

6) Lil Kim - Diana Ross Nipple Jiggle

As if Lil Kim's nipple-revealing outfit wasn't shocking enough in its own right at the 1999 VMAs - when she joined Mary J Blige on stage to introduce Diana Ross. The Motown legend reached out and gave the exposed nipple a little jiggle on the podium.

7) Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

The unlikely couple kissed on-stage at the 1994 VMAs, but to many it appeared like a dare rather than a real-life romance. The smooch between Madonna and Britney Spears looked more convincing.

8) Britney Spears' Awkward Performance

Right before Britney's famous breakdown she gave a performance at the 2007 VMAs looking confused and dazed. The star who always looked fit for previous performances looked out of sorts and stumbled through her routine. Rihanna can be seen laughing at 3:10-minute mark into the clip while Diddy and 50 Cent appear to look surprised by her zombie-like performance.

9) Nirvana's Onstage Accident

When Nirvana performed Lithium at the MTV Awards in 1992, Krist Novoselic chucked his bass in the air but instead of catching it, it landed on his head. He struggled for a few moments and then crawled off stage in what was one of the most surprising accidents to take place at the show.

10) Rage Against the Machine's Scaffolding Incident.

Kanye West isn't the only star to protest against an award. At the 2010 VMA's, Rage Against the Machine bassist, Tim Commerford was so angry his band lost the Best Rock Video award he climbed on top of the scaffolding behind the podium and taunted Limp Bizkit througout the acceptance speech. He was escorted out of the building soon after and banned from attending future events.