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11-month-old Athea Bonnie Miller

A terrified mother spotted a mystery figure lying next to her daughter on a baby monitor after checking if she was safe.

Mother Bonnie Moore from Norfolk keeps a video monitor in 11-month-old Athea's bedroom to keep an eye on her, and after she woke up screaming one night, she decided to look back on the footage.

To her surprise, the 17-year-old mum spotted a mystery figure in her cot, which she claims had human-like features.

From the snapshots, it looks as though another child or doll could be lying behind Athea, who will celebrate her first birthday on 3 March.

But when Bonnie picked her up from her cot, there was nothing lying next to her.

Relaying the ordeal to IBTimes UK, Bonnie said: ''I honestly can't explain it . There was no doll or teddy there , although others are assuming otherwise.

''She does not own a doll, so that's out of the question. And she doesn't sleep with a teddy.

''It really is unexplainable. The features are so clear! The eyes nose and mouth also the hair. It is just so visible.''

Bonnie spotted a mysterious figure next to her baby daughter Bonnie Millier

Bonnie also believes that her baby sensed something was wrong. She continued: ''Athea woke minutes after this snap was taken, screaming.''

Bonnie put her baby's crying down to teething issues, but now thinks she could have been disturbed by something supernatural.

On whether she thinks the figure could be a ghost, Bonnie said: ''Yes, she's been very unsettled the last few weeks, but I put it down to her teething until I saw this. Yes, definitely.''

Bonnie with baby Athea Bonnie Miller

Other social media users have pointed out that the figure could be the spirit of Bonnie's brother, who passed away when he was just nine years old.

One female user wrote: "Wow hun - I am connected with my spiritual side, this is definitely a spirit that I can see and it is amazing that you have managed to capture that.

"I feel it is a young boy, possibly a relative or another child of yourself, he is giving protection over your little one and will watch them often whilst them are sleeping to make sure they are okay.''