The head of terror outfit Hizbul Mujahideen – Syed Salahudeen – on Monday, 8 August, threatened to wage a nuclear war on India over the issue of Kashmir if Pakistan could provide necessary support. He also called on Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to cut all diplomatic ties with India.

"Pakistan is morally, politically, constitutionally bound to provide substantial support to ongoing freedom struggle in Kashmir. If Pakistan provides this support, there is a great chance of a nuclear war between the two powers," he was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

Salahudeen, who is on the most-wanted list of India's National Investigation Agency (NIA), said that a fourth war between India and Pakistan was imminent as "Kashmiris are no longer willing to compromise, come what may."

Speaking to reporters in Karachi he added, "Whether world or Pak supports or not; UN performs duty or not, Kashmiris have pledged to fight up to last drop of their blood." "Kashmiris have reached this conclusion that they have no second option except armed jihad."

He blamed India's Narendra Modi government of not giving the Kashmiris the freedom to fight for their cause adding that the "suppressed people of Kashmir" are only left with the choice of "target oriented armed struggle". He further warned that something big could happen if Pakistan's efforts don't succeed and India does not act to stop the atrocities in the state.

Indian Union Minister Venkiah Naidu, responding to the threat, told ANI, "Who is he and who has given him the right to speak about Kashmir? Is it correct to propagate such information? Pakistan must seriously think if encouraging such people is right. Nothing will happen with threat."

Clashes between protesters and security forces had erupted in the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir following the killing of a Hizbul Mujhaideen commander, Burhan Wani, on 8 July. At least 60 people have been killed so far.

The terrorist group chief had previously called Indian Home Affairs Minister Rajnath Singh a "killer of Kashmiris" and voiced his support for Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed's – a designated terrorist by the United States – call for protests in Pakistan condemning his visit for a ministerial meeting for South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation, according to news agency PTI.

Kashmir violence
Pakistan has asked the United Nations to send a fact-finding team to Kashmir in order to investigate alleged killings of innocent people by Indian security [Picture for representation] Tauseef Mustafa/AFP/Getty